Sunday may 6th everyone woke to a lovely autumn day for the 2018 Pacific Paddle Series race 3 held in Lismore nsw. Despite not having paddled for 6 years #GlenCurtis agreed to get in a K2 with his bro. #TonyCurtis sponsored by Fit Farm Training.  It was a local event and they were just out for a bit of fun.

The boat had no pump and a leaky front end. By the time they got to the 10km mark in the 15km open division they were sitting in two inches of water. By the time they crossed the finish it was at least inches deep around their seats. This caused the front of the boat to get buried in the water so they couldn’t get up and plane. Despite this to their great delight they still managed to cross the line in first place followed closely by Danial Jenkins.

Another local K2 paddled by #StuartThomson and #AndrewGordon came in third. the pic are around the finish and the last one show their agony when they rolled out of the boat at the finish.


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